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Asteroid Gambit

by Steven Fritz

Copyright 2021

Ellen discovers that her mining partner, Harriet, has an illegal A-bomb stashed away. That can't be good, so she finds her ex-partner/lover and asks for help. Harriet wants to bury the bomb on an asteroid and ship it to Mars. Then she can use it as leverage during a rebellion.

Asteroid Gambit is well written and moves right along. Both the mining operations and the Mars settlements feel real. The characters are easy to get to know and to care about. However, there are a few places where this book isn't as believable as it could be.

The rebellion is all about improving the lives of the terraforming workers, who are abused by Earth's government. But they aren't the ones who rebel. It is also hard to see why limiting the food supply and threatening to nuke the Mars settlement would benefit the Martians. Why don't they threaten to nuke Earth?

I also found it hard to believe that small tactical nukes are an effective way to change the orbit of large asteroids. One massive burst of energy will definitely change the trajectory of an asteroid if it doesn't shatter it, but I doubt it can be controlled.

The running, hiding, avoiding capture, getting rescued, etc., are well-paced and fun to read.

I very much enjoyed Greta, the ship's IA.

The story holds together quite well and is rather enjoyable. If you overlook the above issues, this is a great book.

Reviewed by Romana Drew October 7, 2021.