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Shooting stars don't land. They're meteors, bits of rock that burn up in the atmosphere. The meteors Lannes saw landed in the Kenned Valley and flew up into the stars. They weren't meteors at all. They were alien spacecraft. Until he peeked over the edge of the valley, Lannes had never seen a machine that could fly or people without fur.

If the aliens had stayed in the valley, they might have been safe. But they didn't. They assumed the locals were too primitive to be a problem.

They were wrong.

The League of Free Cadorie is a coming-of-age story set in a time of political change.

Ebook $0.99, paperback $8.99 at Amazon.

One hundred twenty years after The League of Free Cadorie

In the Kenned Valley mining colony, Langons control every aspect of KayleeÕs life. Because she is Cadorie, the Langons tell her where to live, what to do, and who to marry. Determined to find a better life, Kaylee runs away, searching for the mythical land called Freedom Hold, where Cadorie live free. But escaping isnÕt enough. Kaylee intends to free her family and eventually her world.

In doing so, she changes the lives of all the spacefaring races.

Ebook $0.99, paperback $8.99 at Amazon.

In the depths of space, aliens fight over worlds unknown to the people of Earth. Join Robin on her quest to stop a local conflict from becoming an all-out war that just might engulf an unsuspecting Earth.

Robin hopped aboard the Cadorie spaceship expecting a great adventure. After they were in space, and it was too late to turn back, they told her that only she had the skills to stop an intragalactic war. "What skills?" Robin wondered. "All I can do is draw flowers." Robin must learn to use her psychic skills to communicate with the Marauders before they kill everyone.

The Marauders of Sazile is a fast-paced space adventure with an enthusiastic female protagonist. Robin meets every challenge with her unique brand of skepticism and chutzpah.

Ebook $0.99, paperback $15.59 at Amazon.

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