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I live in California with my husband and raise baby squirrels for a wildlife care center. I could go into detail about my background and education, but that is rather boring. Let me say that I am quiet, love the outdoors, and never have enough time to do all the things I want to do.

I hope you enjoy reading my books. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I love to hear from you.
The League of Free Cadorie pits a gentle agrarian people against aliens bent on striping their natural resources.

Until he peeked over the edge of the valley, Lannes had never seen a machine that could fly or people without fur. Had the invading aliens stayed in the valley, they might have been safe. But they didn't. They assumed the Cadorie were too primitive to be a problem.

Afraid to antagonize huge beings with powerful weapons, the Cadorie took their resistance deep underground. There they planned and plotted while the aliens infiltrated their society.

Then Lannes disappeared.

The League of Free Cadorie is a coming-of-age story set in a time of political change. Kefan is groomed from birth to be a famous singer, but his true genius lies elsewhere. Lannes is a farm boy. He didn't plan to discover aliens, but he wants them off his world and will do anything to make that happen. Lenea joins her boyfriend, Kefan, and brother, Lannes, to stop the invasion, never expecting to become a hero.

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paperback $8.99
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Stranded on an island, Lannes must get home and confront the aliens who kidnapped him.

On his way home from a student exchange program, Langons, aliens invading his world, kidnap Lannes and leave him alone on an island. Over time, more people, all vocal anti-alien activists, are dropped on the island. It's back to the stone age, hunting game, and building rock huts. But it can't last forever. Either he will find a way to escape, or the resistance will find him. Someday, the aliens will make a mistake, and then they will pay for what they have done.

Ebook $0.99
Paperback $8.99.
Kindle Unlimited
Audiobook $3.99 on Amazon
Audiobook $3.99 on Audible
In the mining colonies, Cadorie are little more than slaves.

Kaylee's dreams ended when the huge, furless aliens ordered her to marry Ralaf. If she refuses, she will be forced to work in the mine with all the other disposable Cadorie. Determined to find a better life, Kaylee runs away, searching Freedom Hold, where Cadorie live free.

One hundred twenty years ago, aliens invaded Kayee's world. Although Freedom Hold remains independent, aliens control the rest of the world. There she meets Gillis, the son of Freedom Hold's leader. Together they plot to free their world. But that brings the wrath of the aliens down upon them.

It takes all of Gillis' electronic knowledge and Kaylee's mathematical skills to find a way to defeat the aliens infesting their world. In doing so, they change the lives of all the spacefaring races.

Ebook $0.99,
paperback $8.99
Kindle Unlimited.
Audiobook $3.99 on Amazon
Audiobook $3.99 on Audible
IÕm Robin Mayfield. This is my first great space adventure.

In the depths of space, aliens fight over worlds unknown to the people of Earth. Join Robin on her quest to stop a local conflict from becoming an all-out war that just might engulf an unsuspecting Earth.

Robin hopped aboard the Cadorie spaceship expecting a great adventure. After they were in space, and it was too late to turn back, they told her that only she had the skills to stop an intragalactic war. She meets Gillis and Kaylee. Together, they must find a way to communicate with the Marauders before they kill everyone.

Marauders is a fast-paced space adventure with an enthusiastic female protagonist and a heartwarming ending. Robin meets every challenge with her unique brand of skepticism and chutzpah.

Ebook $0.99, paperback $15.59. Kindle Unlimited.
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A story of courage, determination, and love.

Eshley, the Prince of Kaloria, future King of Ashlaria, is kidnapped, tortured, and nearly blinded by intragalactic drug dealers. He escapes, finding himself stranded on a pre-industrial world where he looks more like the drug dealing overlords than the locals.

Volyta, a lovely farm girl, befriends him. Somehow, even with his limited vision, he must steal a spaceship from the drug lords and fly home to stop the war between his kingdom and Lashon.

As much as he loves Volyta, only marriage to Princess Cendry, the volatile and unstable daughter of the Lashon king, will stop the war. But even that isnÕt enough. Factions inside Lashon are demanding racial equality and threatening civil war. And the patriarch is building an army for a holy war.

Will Eshley save his world or the woman he loves?

Ebook $0.99. Paperback $8.50. Kindle Unlimited
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